Space/Time  Vocabulary
Downtimer-One who is downstream of the current time (future)

Royal Dynasty vocabulary
Hasang-Extended Family, House
T’Kest--language of the Ching T’Karre, also T’Karre
Dirzant—lowlife, dirt
D’Estange—stranger anyone who isn’t Ching T’Karre
Kaban—religious ruling group of Ching T’Karre
Chai—a deep bond of fealty
Tempran—slower conversational pace used by Ching T’Karre
Ju’tarrd—a space academy found in the Ching T’Karre
Sunya—the Ching T’Karre marriage bower
Tamban—distained, used in Ching T’Karre
Cherimysu—term of endearment
Tang-reputation, honor, or extended family of royal blood
The Great Dynasty—once made up of the Ching T’Karre, the Shadowlands, and others of that region.
Shuntang—bound by honor, given in a loyal oath

 Democratic Union /Sunglast Vocabulary
Klog—a strong alcoholic drink popular in the United Federation
Kauf—a coffee type drink 
Abela—a white robe worn by women of the Sunglast, Obela-dark dress
T’aile—a potent drink of the Sunglast made from fermented cactus & secret ingredients.
Kassock—male dress of the Sunglast
Azul—the top layer of clothing often worn by men of the Sunglast
Ark—a long necked, four-legged animal of the Diechwrathe known for its shimmering fur. Not especially intelligent.
Iloue-fragrant flower, white, blush
Krell—a white furred part cat, part goat, four pawed animal that lives in the high tundra and snow of Islian
Nightcat—a large black predatory feline that prowls northwestern areas of the Federation. Also found in the Sunglast occasionally, coat is shiny dark leather, hunts during night
Sand Cat-sand colored coat, desert cat with wide feet, sharp claws. hunts during day
Gebbit—a small mammal, cross between a mouse and a rabbit.
Lompir—an animal of the Sunglast dessert that is known for going many days without water. Cross between a camel and horse
Threep—an aquatic animal that would be a cross between a seal and a penguin.
She T’ang Master—the highest level in martial arts in the Western Realm
Shunzing—dangerous in a political sense, taboo
Kanglang snake—a type of snake found in the Western Realm

Mormot--large brown shaggy bearlike animal in Diechwrathe Mountains
Yar Goat—nimble four-footed creature of the Diechwrathe mountains.
Wormrot—a lowly insect, worm creature
Rhagma-God of Sunglast, fire and wind
chukka-bonded friend that stands in for his companion
Shama-holy person of medicine, Sunglast

Thalos--God of the sea
Maetran Sect—controls body and originated in Islian
Enjelise—alien culture discovered by Braden in his space exploration. Very similar to what we think of as angels. Lady Elsinore, Lady of the Crystal was one who came to warn the Realm that humans were too violent and left her genetic material for Mother Kat to use in her breeding program.

 Measurements: duros=hours, intervals=minutes, quints=seconds, span=feet, kilospan=mile, notches=inches, annual=year, one rotation of Alysia= a transit, diton=meter

The  Terran Ships
1.  New Found Hope                                   Captain Elise Fujeint/Capt Tango Jones
2.  The Storage Locker                                Captain Jan Childes
3.  Pilgrim's Pride                                        Captain Naomi Johnson
4.  The Valiant                                              Captain Elija Fujeint/Capt Dieter Schmidt
5.   New Frontier                                         CaptainJames Bradley
6.  Shangri-La                                               Captain Jeng Chen Takata
7.  The Explorer                                           Captain Charles Dance
8.  Bright Dream                                          Captain Sam Spencer
9.  The New World                                      Captain Derek Reardon
10. Invictus                                                  Captain Ed Bailey
11. New Horizon                                         Captain Jerry Thompson

12. Stoyki (Steadfast)                                  Captain Sergei Kusov
13. thru 16 destroyed by first jump
17-thru 20                                                   Destroyed by aliens at jump point
21.                                                                Exploded by alien
22.-27/Native Pride                                    Unnamed ships/ Capt Henry Longstaff