Tempest Steele vows never again to fall for the charms of Kayse Telluria. She has already made a fool of herself once. But when an unusual murder occurs in the middle of Tygel's Spring Ball, and Kayse is the prime suspect, she can't help herself.  Somehow, time travel is involved, and she watches in horror as he disappears into the future through a timegate in an attempt to track down the criminal and clear his name.

Not thinking of consequences, she leaps in after him in order to help him. However, there are always consequences when time traveling, and the future is not what one might expect. Will they be able to fix things, or will she and Kayse make their future worse? Fixing things won't be easy ...and there's math involved. 

A murder mystery with a time travel twist.

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Over a church altar, Richard Steele encounters a holograph of his brother, Braden, transmitting from deep space. He warns Richard of a possible attack by hostile aliens and urges Richard to prepare Alysia to defend itself. Confusion, misinformation, and chaos ensues as everyone sees something different.

How many? When? What weapons? What do they look like? Braden winks out before he can fill in details.

Consequently, Richard scrambles to develop a defense, starting with an armed space station and ships. But problems develop, not the least of which is a bomb threat while Richard attends a space station wedding. Trying to concentrate on Alysia's defense, Richard gets diverted by a musical orphan girl who leads him to uncover a secret gene lab hidden in Bogtown that experiments with alien DNA.

But more than a diversion, the girl's unusual abilities might just be the key to saving the planet and Braden's life.


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Ailain Stone thought that he was just an ordinary kid. But then, he witnesses the murder of his parents and his best friend right out in public. When the killer turns to target him, he desperately tries to escape and leaps twenty-five years into the future. Shocked with this revelation of an ability to time travel, he discovers that his whole life has been filled with secrets and lies.

No one will explain why he is still hunted, why he must change his name, implant a computer in his brain, augment his body and run, run, and hide. His search for his identity soon embroils him in a conflict between native Alysians and invading Terrans as a war erupts for possession of the planet.

And he sits right in the middle of it.

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Richard watches devastation reign down on Alysia as a wayward comet strikes it smaller moon, Thanos. Once again, Richard takes up the task of saving Alysia, and once again, circumstances hamper him. His plane crashes during turbulent weather and entangles him, along with a prophetic young woman, in an illegal smuggling operation of wild alien crystal.

Alien crystals bond with certain humans to bring on extraordinary powers. Touching crystal is forbidden in the Ching T'Karre, but when smugglers kidnap the young impetuous princess, Sousarissa T'Kai, her stalwart bodyguard J'ai Jen D'Jang, along with Richard, risk all in order to save her.

Only to realize that there is a price to pay for touching crystal and a world to save before the two moons collide and destroy Alysia entirely.

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