His mother's name was Tempest Steele Telluria. Yes, Steele. She was the daughter of Richard Steele, Time Master, who ran the Timelab until he closed it-- out of fear

And his father was Kayse Telluria. Yes, Telluria, that infamous genetic line of temporal Talents. Kayse had proven that clones could reproduce. And when your father was the clone of the notorious Arwoyn Telluria, ex-king, genetic experimenter, time traveler, and overall fate manipulator, well, everyone watched him--especially Trace Walker, Director of I.N.Sys, protectorate for the Democratic Union. They all gazed at him from the moment he was born as if he were some bomb ready to explode.

So, he didn't disappoint.

Track twelve-year-old Alain Telluria through time as he visits each book in the Alysian Universe, causing havoc as he influences major characters and unknowingly impacts the future.

A time travel novella with humor and adventure.

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In a moment of insan...inspiration, my writers group decided to put together an anthology of short stories centered around five elements chosen on the spur of the moment.

An alien, a conflict with a boss, a ghost, a spaceship and a fireplace poker (gee thanks, Chelsea) are elements that must be woven into the story. 

My contribution is called "Peace Treaty." I think you'll like it.

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After years of traveling through a galaxy fraught with danger, twenty-eight ships from Earth finally discover an inhabitable planet. Unfortunately, the world contains a native species, very human in appearance, that is not welcoming.

With her fleet depleted of resources and desperate to land, Commander Elise Fujeint, series ii, must take find a way to save her people. One way may be through the Alysian liaison, Richard Steele, who appears entirely too human and handsome. A strong attraction forms between Richard and Elise, but each must deal with opposing factions that threaten war.

The Terrans are required to go through a quarantine on s rundown space station before they can land on planet. But as time stretches out and few landings occur, the situation heats up.

This is the saga of a people desperate to immigrate and a world reluctant to accept them. Will the ships stay or abandon the antagonistic Alysians to search for a better world?

Yanked out of cryo before scheduled, Elise Fujeint is pressed into captaining the starship New Found Hope, finding it ready to mutiny. Earth's carefully planned expedition to populate a new world has turned into a disaster. During the fleet's hundred plus years of travel, the chosen planet lost atmosphere and turned into a radiation-drenched wasteland.

Riots erupt in the fleet as to the course of action, and forty ships jump away, only to find their diminished fleet lost in an uncharted part of the Milky Way.

As captain, Elise must battle crisis after crisis, first on board among her fellow crewmates, and then against the dangers of space itself. 

Will the fleet finally find its way to an habitable world, or will a place for humanity be a world too far?